31 Lies I Tell to Stop Myself from Writing

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Rachel Fisher
  1. It’s too early. I can’t write anything before I get my coffee.
  2. Let me just check my e-mails before I go make coffee.
  3. This is important. I really need to answer this e-mail now.
  4. I shouldn’t write while I’m having coffee. What if it spills on my notebook?
  5. I should check Medium before I write a new post. See what’s already out there.
  6. I’ll never have as many readers as this writer, so I shouldn’t even try.
  7. I’ll never write as well as this other writer, so I shouldn’t even try.
  8. No one wants to read short stories anymore.
  9. No one wants to read poetry anymore.
  10. No one wants to read short stories anymore.
  11. No one wants to read my poetry anymore, if you can even call it poetry.
  12. My work is disposable.
  13. I could stop writing right now and no one would notice it.
  14. I’m too depressed to write.
  15. Or maybe I’m just hungry.
  16. I should go have lunch before I start writing. That will improve my mood.
  17. I’m useless after lunch. I should do something easy, like answering work e-mails instead of writing.
  18. I’ll just check the news for a second before I start writing. Maybe I’ll find something inspiring.
  19. I should check Facebook, too. And Twitter. I need to use social media if I want to be a writer.
  20. I have too many tabs open now. I need to close them all before I start writing.
  21. I’m too unfocused. Let me just play this game for a couple of minutes so it will help me concentrate.
  22. My eyes are tired from playing games for too long. Let me just rest them for a second.
  23. I’m just not good enough. I need to read this article about how to write.
  24. Or this one, maybe? I’ll read a couple more just to be sure.
  25. I should have dinner first. I write better at night anyway.
  26. I need inspiration. Maybe I should watch Netflix for a while. Those series are very well written.
  27. Maybe the next episode will be more inspiring.
  28. Or the next one.
  29. It’s too late to write now. I’m too tired.
  30. I’ll have more time to write tomorrow.
  31. There is always more time.

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I write short stories. I also write about writing. If I'm procrastinating on both, I write about why I haven't been writing. E-mail: danbelmontwriter@gmail.com

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