Kindle is an excellent example of a platform providing and promoting both literature and writing advice. I guess that’s easier to do when you have an algorithm selecting content based on each reader’s tastes, rather than pushing a specific selection of topics across your entire audience.

When you go down that route and decide to push a set of categories for everyone, your editorial decisions send a message. My point is that Medium is sending mixed signals:

  • “This is a democratic publishing platform where all voices are heard!”
  • “Become a creative writer! It’s tons of fun! Really, look at all these articles with amazing tips on how to become a creative writer! You should really try it!”
  • “What’s that? Oh, a creative writing piece? What made you think we would be interested in that, huh? Wait a minute, I’ll go and hide it somewhere…”

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I write short stories. I also write about writing. If I'm procrastinating on both, I write about why I haven't been writing. E-mail:

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