Very good article. It’s interesting how this applies to bigger time budgeting decisions (how to spend an evening, a weekend, a day off) but also to short breaks.

5–10 minutes on your phone fiddling with Facebook and Twitter won’t do much, but if you can get a lot done if you use that time to read relevant articles and do writing sprints instead.

If you manage to pick option #2 consistently and get relevant things done during short breaks, you might even allow yourself to pick #1 every now and then for a longer break, when the payoff is bigger (quality time spent with family/friends, rather than FOMO-induced social media scrolling).

I’m usually pretty good at managing larger chunks of time, but I’ve been picking option #1 way too often in my shorter breaks. I need to get a grip.

Thanks for sharing this.

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I write short stories. I also write about writing. If I'm procrastinating on both, I write about why I haven't been writing. E-mail:

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