Where, though? That’s the question no one has been able to answer yet.

There doesn’t seem to be a dedicated place for poetry and short fiction online. Not a good one, anyway. Most of them are either filled with YA fan fiction (no offence to anyone who likes it; it’s just not my thing) or have no readers at all.

I remember Lisa Wilton did an experiment on several other fiction/poetry websites a couple of months ago and the results were depressing. Medium outperformed all of the other websites, despite being a rather inhospitable place for creative writing.

I agree with A Maguire here: I have met several talented, dedicated fiction writers and poets here. I had to look for them and some were hard to find, but once I did I discovered a thriving hub of Medium users who love writing, reading and sharing fiction and poetry. Publications like The Weekly Knob, The Junction, Lit Up and PS I Love you are a good place to start. You might not reach the same wide audience you would reach in a tech publication, but you’ll get to join a community of people who love what you love.

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I write short stories. I also write about writing. If I'm procrastinating on both, I write about why I haven't been writing. E-mail: danbelmontwriter@gmail.com

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